Getai – A one month long festival held annually during the 7th Lunar Month

    A GETAI is a live performance stage held at almost every corner of Singapore during the 7th Lunar Month during the “Hungry Ghost Festival”. Dont let the name of the festival turn you off.

    Getai Stage At Night

    Think of it as a anniversary of the loved ones who passed on. So how is Getai related to the “Hungry Ghost Festival”? The Getai or this live concert performance stage are a performance for the deceased. So it is a common site to see the 1st row of seats directly infront of the GETAI left empty. Its said to be for the returned spirits to enjoy the performance.

    Singapore’s “Hungry Ghost Festival” is very extravagant. Sponsors from businesses / Hawkers / Community will host Getai where many renowned artiste will sing, dance and jokes on stage. Getai has always seen singers from Singapore and Malaysia only. But in recent years, there have been performing Artiste from Taiwan, China and Hongkong also joining this one-month long festival.

    However the famous and popular ones are still from Singapore. Like the Getai Queen Liu Ling Ling

  covering Getai 2012


    How big the stage,  The hosting Amcee, The quality of the Singers and how quality of sound systems all are determined by the budgets of sponsors who wants to staged this Getai.


    With the local newspapers covering reports of the Getai for one whole month annually I don see any reason why anyone would missed this local culture, local heritage! Love Singapore, Love our cultures, Embrace our Heritage!