Yu Sheng (Prosperity Toss) – A Uniquely Singaporean CNY festive dish

    Yu Sheng (Prosperity Toss) is a traditional Chinese New Year dish usually eaten on the 7th day of the Lunar Chinese New Year. Created by the “Four Heavenly Culinary Kings” in Singapore in the 1960s, this dish is a sweet salad made of an assortment of ingredients including radish, shredded carrots, ginger, nuts, pomelo, crispy biscuits, peanuts, sesame seeds and some spices that are mixed with rice vinegar, sesame oil and a generous portion of plum sauce. Raw fish – usually salmon,  mackerel or abalone— was introduced in the menu at a recent years.  The wild variety of colours on this dish makes it a very appropriate one to mark such a festive occasion.

    To eat this Yusheng, the elders add the ingredients into a mixing plate while saying auspicious wishes such as Nian Nian You Yu, where Yu means abundance and sounds like the word for fish in Mandarin. Diners then toss the shredded ingredients into the air with their chopsticks. The height of the toss is thought to signify the diner’s growth in fortunes. Therefore, it is common to see people raise their chopsticks above their heads while tossing.

    Join in the festivity by trying a plate of Yu Sheng!  Yu Sheng can be found in most Chinese restaurants just before or during the Chinese New Year holidays or at Hotels such as Mandarin Orchard, Singapore.

    Price: $68 for a plate that feeds 4 in local chinese restaurant chains to S$198 for a plate for 4 in Shangrila Shang Palace Restaurant.