Expatriates Assist Orientation Programme

Personal Concierge run a special program known as the Expatriates Assist Orientation Programme for new Expats who just relocate to Singapore with their families on a journey to discover Singapore, familiarise with Singapore and Get to know the Where , What and How in Singapore.

Its a programme specially designed to help Expats blend into our garden city quickly so they can get on with their life and work from where they left.


Personal Concierge can assist to find accommodation in Singapore by organising a 2-3 hour island wide orientation programme to get you a feel of the bearing at the place you are in now. We will be able to suggest and get you enough information to make sensible and realistic decision on the location of your new home.  In this 2-3 hours journey, we will also explain alot of other things and share cultures and heritage with your and family so everything will just fit into their own place in your pace. Do not be too overwhelmed by the major move in your career and family, Expats just need to know who to seek advice from and to look at the right place with the right people. We will also introduce a lot of local delicacy (optional) for an additional 2 hours to cover Lunch time or Dinner time at your preference.


Contact Personal Concierge today and see how we can help you blend into this nation and you will be on your way to excel.