Frequently asked questions!

(1) Who are the clients of PERSONAL CONCIERGE?

Everybody who needs to BUY TIME and requires assistance to RUN ERRANDS on behalf will need the services of PERSONAL CONCIERGE.

Case studies of our clients:

A young executive on business trip in Taiwan who wishes to surprise his spouse on her birthday.

A filial couple who wishes to top up groceries for their parents but was unable to do it themselves as they were overseas.

A family from middle east who wishes to find out how to spend a good 72 hours in Singapore with style.

A owner of a newly purchased condominium who stays overseas and requires to furnish the apartment in her absence.

View more case studies under the Testimonials section.

(2) What are the services of PERSONAL CONCIERGE?

PERSONAL CONCIERGE can help clients run all kinds of Errands as long as the requests are legal and does not violate morals and ethics. The types of Errands Personal Concierge can run is massive and never ending hence clients may be able to get an overview of our services at our PERSONAL CONCIERGE Sampling Services Menu. Alternatively, visit Case Studies under PERSONAL CONCIERGE Testimonials page to find out how PERSONAL CONCIERGE has helped many of our clients in many different ways.

(3) If the kind of errands service i require is not listed in the PERSONAL CONCIERGE Sampling Services Menu, does it mean that PERSONAL CONCIERGE is unable to run the errand?

No, absolutely not. Should the required errand service is not listed in our Sampling Services Menu, clients are requested to contact us via the following methods:-

Get Connected with Us via the Contact Us page



(4) Is the Errands services offered by PERSONAL CONCIERGE limited to Singapore only?

Yes, most of the Errands services offered by PERSONAL CONCIERGE is limited to Singapore only. However, clients who require services out of Singapore can contact PERSONAL CONCIERGE Consultants for such options.

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